Ultra review

Depeche Mode, Ultra, Mute

THINK Depeche Mode, think school disco ? Not after the 12th offering from the boys from Basildon, you won't. In the past, the Mode have slept on Derrick May's floor, had a release on On-U Sound, been regularly cited as influences by the Detroit techno scene and had remixes from Richie Hawtin and now Underworld.

"Ultra" certainly deserves a listen, even if nothing they've done up until now has grabbed you. From the pulsating bass and screeching guitar loops of "Barrel of a gun" via the classic Black Dog-esque "Uselink" to the closing ambient "Insight", producer Tim Simenon (of Bomb The Bass fame) provides the links between pop, rock and dance. Featuring the drumming talents of ex-Can member, Jaki Liebezeit and the sublime steel guitar of BJ Cole, this album represents all that is pioneering in English popular music. Just can't get enough ? Still true. 8 (out of 10)

Rob Da Bank

Muzik (#23, P107), April 199

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