It's No Good (Mute)

Cold Turkey comeback duties duly taken care of, it's back to something approaching groove-underlaid lovesick business-as-usual for la Mode. The emphasis being on the 'sick', for 'It's No Good' is another of Martin Gore's appallingly pretty odes to someone for whom the creak of his leather bodice awaits as surely as sweat accompanies rumpo. Amid the insistent electro diktat, Dave Gahan sings with disarming sweetness: "Don't say you're happy/Out there without me/I know you can't be/'Cos It's No Good". When it comes to such ultra-tech, yet trad toilet-seat drama, Depeche are untouchable, a fact the litany of unenlightening remixes by the likes of Speedy J and Andrea Parker only serve to emphasise.

New Musical Express, March 29th 1997

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