No Depeche In The Flesh

You shouldn't believe everything you read in those silly morning newswires. Rumors of a forthcoming Depeche Mode mini-tour of the United States of America have proven just that ^× rumors. Overeager fans and media persons attending the band's in-studio appearance a few days back at Los Angeles radio station KROQ evidently "misinterpreted" some statements made by DM vocal stylist David Gahan regarding a couple of promotional TV gigs the band was doing stateside for its new album, Ultra, due April 15.

Though the odd in-store, two-song show, or super-exclusive-release party might go down here or there, DM's more likely to be visually available on the tube. Management won't confirm a damn thing yet, but TLN thinks the guys might turn up on Saturday Night Live, a gig they've been dreaming of for many years.

MS Music News Site, March 20st 1997

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