Depeche Mode promises new album

There's been alot of unease amongst Depeche Mode's fans in the wake of Martin Gore and Dave Gahan's solo album and all the mudslinging that ensued. Andy Fletcher has started a new record label, but denies to rumours of an imminent split-up.

Andy Fletcher is in Stockholm to launch the electro-duo Client, the first band signed to his own label Toast Hawaii. As a member of the worlds biggest synth-band, he's used to superstar treatment, private planes, limos and luxury hotels. Now that he's travelling with Client as their resident DJ, he's all of a sudden back to carrying instruments and rooms not much bigger than a closet.

"It's fun. Reminds me of the early days with Depeche Mode." Andy started Toast Hawaii when the band took a break after their last album "Exciter". At the same time his fellow bandmembers Martin Gore and Dave Gahan each released their own solo records this fall, and for a while it looked like Depeche Mode had finally drawn their last breath.

"Martin's already begun writing songs for a new album", says Fletcher. When Gahan's done touring in November and had a few months off, the band are heading back into the studio. "We're supposed to start recording in March of next year, and then release another album in the Spring of 2005".

As the third member of Depeche Mode, Fletcher has often been caught in the middle of singer Dave and songwriter Martin. But according to Fletcher, the band would not have lasted 20 years without him.

"Depeche Mode is the love of my life and I think the others feel the same way. We're proud of what we've accomplished and I think we've still got more really good albums in us".

How many?

"I dunno, maybe two. Rolling Stones are still touring, but their albums are dreadful. We don't wanna end up in a similar situation."

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