Here is the patial transcription of an interview from Dave in Werchter last Saturday. Interesting things to read...

Is it not funny for you that you have to convince people now because when you walked on stage with Depeche Mode you didn't have to convince anybody ?? - It's funny you say that because I have always felt like I had to convince the people in my band that what I am doing is really putting something into these songs and I don't feel like that now. It's very different I can't really explain the feeling but when I look around to my right and I look to my left the guys are just greeting at me... Big smiles. This is awesome !! It's how it is supposed to be. It's supposed to be fun when you are up there playing together. I hope that when I go back to New York I'm gonna sit down and start writing some new songs. I want really to take these guys I am working with and work on the next record together but that's in the future... About his actual life he says : " My worst day today is much better than what my best day was five years ago..."


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