(2003) - Wywiad z Davem

As previously said here ,Dave´s been on a promotional visit in Scandinavia recently. I know the girl who is reponsible for everything he did in Sweden promotion-wise very well, so I should have a little insight of what Dave´s been speaking about in the papers.

The groove magazine interview is one out of many interviews that Dave did and he was getting the same type of boring questions...you all know them by now ..for instance "Will it be different to be on stage with other musicians than depeche mode?"

Dave - (freely translated by me)

"You mean other than Martin? `Cause he is the only guy in Depeche Mode that is playing live from what I can see, since Alan left the band. Fletch isn´t playing at all. On the last two tours we´ve had to hire other musicians and to me it´s always been inspiring to work with other musicians.....You know what, all you journalists seems to have misunderstood that Depeche Mode has since quite a long time only been consisting of Martin and me."

"We need people that can play, and Fletch can´t play so he just stands there waving his arms. I guess he´s assuming he´s entertaining the crowd. I am tired of it. I want to work with people that puts down the same effort as me on stage"

Furter on Dave is talking about the last records, and I am one of them who agree with him..I also thinks this has to do with the name of this topic. The end of an era....

I Quote Dave according to the Groove interview:

"I feel that we´ve come to a time when you have to include other musicians that brings in new ideas. Just like when Alan was in the band. We really miss him. It felt like the last album was Martin´s solo-album with me on vocals."

"I would´nt even consider to do another Dm album if I´m not included in the songwriting process."

This to me tells two things

1) Dave was tired, bored and quite upset when he did the interview

2) That Dave wants more input on the material on the next Dm album.

For me #2 is impossible, ´cause Martin Gore is one of the most profiled songwriters of today. he would never share the slot on an upcoming album with Dave because a) He´s working on his own and b) he´s a much much better songwriter than Dave.

I have reason to believe, and I know that a lot of you is thinking different -fine by me! -, that either the band Depeche Mode will never record an album together again. It´s either that or an album that includes both Dave and Martins songs and to me that would be the final nail in the coffin.

"Ultra" was the OK album that was fantastic during the circumstances -the band survived!

"Exciter" was, as Dave himself said, "an electronic album..Martin´s record with me on vocals" ...and I think it´s the weakest Dm album since a very long time.

I hope that I´m wrong..but how the heck will the next album sound? Can it be any good? It can´t possibly be a "Violator" or "Songs of faith and Devotion". It doesn´t make things easier when you know that Martin is listening a LOT to underground electronic music as well....

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