(1984) A short interview with Dave Gahan from JOEPIE (Belgian Pop magazine).

Depeche Mode begs for a vacation. David and Martin exhausted.

"Somewhere in Germany, I got of the stage, and the roadies had to carry me backstage to the dressing room" says Dave Gahan. "I never thought touring could be so exhausting. But we continue. The way to the absolute top is open now." The fights, the obstacles and the girlfriends : a conversation...


"The songwriting : ok", laughs David a little while later, "but i'm not at all prepared for the physical work. I never did any sports when i was young. When Depeche Mode started to become a little more popular, I collapsed immediatly after the first few gigs. Now I can handle it, lucky for me. Whenever I have a day off, you can find me in the gymnasium. There I train myself to exhaustion. Shadowboxing, weightlifting. After my German adventure I realised how difficult the life of a rockgroup can be." "The doctor keeps on nagging I should take a rest, but that's out of the question at this moment. Martin and myself have to fight the exhaustion. We are about to bring out a new album wich will be followed by a European tour."


In England there has already been enough publicity in advance for the new Depeche Mode album "Some Great Reward". The single "Blasphemous Rumours" from that album was concidered too anti-religious to air every day by the BBC. "Conservative attitude, h‚, that radio of ours. I'm by the way not anti- religious at all ! I only oppose a certain kind of religion that was forced upon me when I was young. My mother was in the salvation army. So she sent me to the church every sunday till my 18th birthday. Together with my sister, we usually went for a ride with the bike and told mom afterwards how lovely the 'homily ?' was. The song only wants to say that noone should let someone force anything upon him. Whether it's politics or something else, that doesn't matter. You have to choose yourself what you wanna do with your life. And dare to take risks. That's what Depeche Mode did too and everything turned out quite good for us, didn't it", laughs Dave. "After the tour I wanna go on a long holliday", Dave concludes, "Last year I wasn't even at home on christmas ! And I can do that to my mother twice, whether she's in the salvation army or not !".
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