7 Maj "The Mayan" Los Angeles USA

I am so stoked! It was the best night ever!!!!! I do not know if he did this for the first show but for the 2nd show he had both of his little girls sing on stage with him to "Loverman". The whole show was awesome. But the best part was when I talked my friends into going behind the club with me after the show to possibly meet Martin. So we did and there were after a few minutes about 20 people there as well. I told my husband to go back to the car and get me a pen and he did along with a CD pamphlet ("Ultra"). Then all of a sudden Martin's kids walk out with their mom. Nobody asked for an autograph from them b/c the girls looked afraid. Martins wife was also carrying their baby. Nobody said anything to her. She walked by us 2 times. I think she was checking the situation outside before Martin came out. So then here comes Martin waiting to get into these black vans. So he comes over and everyone bombards him. He looked a little angry and he said "I cannot sign all of these". I was like oh my god please, please sign mine, please your my favourite artist ever. So he did. I was like oh my god! Then I said Martin you are my favorite artist ever and he said thank you, smiled and shook his head. He is staying at the standard hotel in Los Angeles. Maybe you can go see him check out in the morning. He had his after party there tonight. We were standing next to this couple who had bands on for the after party at the standard. They said that they were in a band and were friends with Martin and one time opened for Depeche Mode like 6 years ago. He took a picture on his digital camera of me to show Martin... lol. He was the only one they let in with a digital camera. I had a throw away one. He said he was going to show martin my picture.

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